100 Productivity Blogs

Long listing of productivity blogs here (I was familiar with about a third of them). I’ve always been interested in the issue of personal and team productivity as my contention is that most companies are wildly underperforming! In these challenging times, this issue has enormous implications.


Personally I’ve tried a variety of schemes (eg GTD,Do It Tomorrow) but have never found one that fitted into my ‘creative’ workflow effortlessly. Of course the real problem comes when you decide to go from one scheme to another! It also often becomes a concern that you feel you’re spending more time setting up and managing systems rather than simply benefiting from them. Then again by not experimenting with new approaches you might be missing out big time…

I tend to use an (ever changing) hybrid of tools and approaches which probably violates most productivity rules but it does seem to balance out for me.

Picture credit here.


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