Tea Time At Twitter

Interview with Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter:

There’s a very healthy acknowledgement that we have to stay focused on what we’re working on and not to get too caught up in the spotlight. There’s a knowledge that these things go up and they come down again. No matter what, we’ll just keep working on trying to make Twitter better.

Some of the cultural things we’ve got here that we’re fortunate to have are just a general level-headed, unassuming, humble, humorous, funny atmosphere. We like to have fun and stay humble.

Every Friday at Twitter we have something called “tea time” – it’s something we kind of stole from Google; they have something called TGIF, that’s when the co-founders and the CEO stand up on stage, greet new hires, talk about what happened that week and take Q&A.

We took that and flipped it around, so that anyone in the company can talk about what they did that week. It takes about an hour and half to go through it all, but it’s a very good culture-building exercise because everyone gets to learn what everyone else is doing… and we make fun of each other.

I expect most companies and organisations do something similar to this, however it’s more often monthly, weekly makes a big difference, so does honesty and an attitude of fun!


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