Building And Sustaining Business Relations

Helpful collection of tips for building and sustaining relationships, especially for small businesses, extracted as:

Build Relations Objectively –  build relations from your heart & maintain relations with your brain.

Spend Time to Build Successful Relations

Take Referrals

Don’t Always Talk Business

Keep Committments

Walk That Extra Mile to Make Things Work

Credit Others for Their Contributions – Word of Mouth marketing is still the most effective. Look at how many corporate promotions happen just because the supervisor heard good things about their subordinates. Giving credit to co-workers & colloagues for their help make you a trust worthy colleague & people will not hesitate to help you in your success.

Handling Conflicts Objectively – conflicts are common in any relations. While you cannot avoid them, conflicts also show the strength & maturity of any business relations. The best way to handle conflict is to criticize the action & sympathize the person. Again, go beyond the normal to help someone resolve conflicts.

Constantly Be in Contact – “Out of Sight is Out of Mind” is so true. While you try to build more & more contacts, be sure that you maintain constant contact with the key relations.

Be Transparent & Upfront –  It only means that you share information & facts in a way that people understand your statements & ideas objectively & understands your point of view without taking them personally.

Independently it might also be helpful to review relationships on an occasional basis using a simple social network approach. This is very helpful for developing an understanding of the bigger picture.


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