Graphs That Work (Well)


A short and thoughtful post by Seth Godin on how to make graphs that work ie get the point across in an entertaining, incisive and informative manner.

His suggested key points are:

1. Don’t let popular spreadsheets be in charge of the way you look – incorporate your own imagination!

2. Tell a story – there needs to be a story not just a logical progression of facts and dreams

3. Follow some simple rules eg time goes on the bottom, from left to right (ie avoid unnecessary confusion/distraction)

4. Break some other rules (but not too many) – to stimulate and help avoid Zzz

I’m not sure that mine always followed his good advice! It really does pay to think differently at times (speaking as an audience member).

That being said, ‘corporate standards’ often don’t allow (and lesser still encourage) a smidgen of originality…

Picture credit here.

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