Samsung Innovation Quest 2009


I’m thinking of getting a Samsung mobile to replace my aging Sony Ericsson. The iPhone is a bit too expensive at present so I’m considering a Samsung plus the up-and-coming iPod Touch as a (hopefully) cheaper and more flexible alternative.

Widgets are fun and sometimes even useful, so this Samsung competition may be of interest (deadline seems a bit stiff though):

Samsung Innovation Quest or Samsung IQ 2009 is now open. If you are a developer this is a good challenge for you to win more than $25,000 cash prizes. And for this year 2009, the competition’s theme is “It’s all about widgets” and the device that will be used is the Samsung i8910 HD using Samsung Mobile Widget technology. All you need to do is to create Samsung Mobile Widget and submit it before Friday August 14th 2009 when the competition closes.


To join the competition you must be a member of Samsung Mobile Innovator and you can join for free. In addition, with the spirit of openness, the terms and conditions of the competition are non-exclusive and all intellectual property remains with you.

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