The Bothersome Man

bothersome_man sm

Interesting and quirky Norwegian film on BBC2 late this Saturday night – I’ve seen it before but it warrants another look (if you like that sort of thing!).

Norwegian director Jens Lien’s debut, The Bothersome Man, is a surreal, idiosyncratic black comedy. Forty-year-old Andreas (Trond Fausa Aurvag) steps off a bus into a strange city, with no memory of how he arrived. Soon, he’s got a job, a flat, and a girlfriend. But, strangely, the new world that he inhabits is devoid of emotion, or laughter. Even the food tastes of nothing. This is a stylish, subtle, and funny satire on the dehumanising effects of our consumer society.

In Norwegian with English subtitles. The Bothersome Man (Den Brysomme Mannen) was released in UK cinemas in May 2007.

Full review here.


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