16 Innovation Principles


The web is full of principles for this and that, but here are some good ones on innovation (original posts and explanatory details here, see rhs):

  1. Experience the world instead of talking about experiencing the world
  2. See and hear with the mind of a child
  3. Always ask: “How do we want people to feel after they experience this?”
  4. Prototype as if you are right. Listen as if you are wrong
  5. Anything can be prototyped. You can prototype with anything
  6. Live life at the intersection
  7. Develop a taste for the many flavors of innovation
  8. Most new ideas aren’t
  9. Killing good ideas is a good idea
  10. Baby steps often lead to big leaps
  11. Everyone needs time to innovate
  12. Instead of managing, try cultivating
  13. Do everything right, and you’ll still fail
  14. Failure sucks, but instructs
  15. Celebrate errors of commission. Stamp out errors of omission
  16. Grok the gestalt of teams

Photo credit here.


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