Graduates And The Recession

Graduate The Recession

Extracted from The Daily Telegraph:

1 Prioritise your debts

2 Keep in touch with creditors

3 Apply for a graduate account

4 Don’t sit there; do something

5 Polish your CV

6 Improve your interview technique

7 Keep learning

8 Balance the books

9 Drop into your University Careers Service

10 Be patient

A number of graduate opportunities are advertised

Some additional comments:

4. Paid work is best but if none is easily available try voluntary work – some aspects are quite challenging and would be great to talk about in interviews. There’s more going on than you might imagine (I speak from experience)!

5. Try generating different types of CV and getting a variety of people to comment on them. There isn’t one ‘best’ type no matter what you’re told. In particular, be bolshy, even though it may go against the grain a little.

6. Try ‘mock’ interviews with friends – you’re never as good as you think you are. Be open-minded rather than defensive with comments back.

7. Consider setting up a blog or some other site on a topic that interests you – content isn’t always so important but demonstrating originality, initiative and drive is.

7a. Try to see the bigger picture and where you might sit in the scheme of things, both at the start and later on. If you don’t you’ll be steered mostly by people who want you to advantage them. Although you’re not going to change that – it’s been going on for ages – it’s best to be aware of it!

9. I hope they are better now than they were for me!

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One Response to Graduates And The Recession

  1. Another opportunity to consider is working abroad especially if you have a 2nd or 3rd language and you are fluent in this.

    Working in Cape Town we find that most sought after is:

    * German
    * Dutch
    * French
    * Spanish
    * Swedish

    It does not really solve the problem for all the candidates but it seems to be a great addition to people’s CV’s especially if the have a skill that is in demand here i.e. internet marketing and load controllers for airlines.

    For more info have a look at these sites:

    * Language Network: Multilingual & Bilingual Recruitment Portal
    * Foreign Language Placements: Jobs for Multilingual & Bilingual Foreigners in South Africa

    The upside to this is the amazing scenery and lifestyle in Cape Town and South Africa, just be warned you will not get the European Salary, but you can get some great work experiences here!

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