Swedish ‘Inspector Wallander’ Series On BBC Four


I came across the detective novels of Henning Mankell via Amazon’s ‘Recommended For You’ (a handy serendipity feature). I bought ‘The Fifth Woman’ on it’s readers reviews and was generally pleased even if the ending was a little over the top for my taste. It naturally had a nice Swedish feel to it and Inspector Kurt Wallander is a well-rounded and interesting character.


Krister Henriksson As Kurt Wallander

I was pleased to see that BBC4 is currently running a Swedish TV series based on the Wallander novels (which I prefer to the recent UK version starring Kenneth Branagh). Highly recommended ūüôā Thirteen episodes in all and the latest (10th of the 13) can still be viewed via iPlayer.


Update here:

Ten episodes of Wallander were recently broadcast on BBC Four.  The remaining three episodes, which are self-contained stories, will be shown over the Christmas period.

We moved the series from its regular slot because Waking The Dead has started on BBC One, and as both programmes are crime dramas, we felt that some of our audience may wish to watch both programmes, therefore we try to avoid scheduling like-minded programmes at the same time.

We also want to show the remaining episodes at Christmas when we hope they will feel like a special event on the channel. They have performed well and we know that viewers really enjoy them.

Exact transmission dates/times will be available¬†from mid-December 2009, and we’ll publish the information here when confirmed.

Info on Inspector Wallander is here.

Screenshots above are from the 10th episode ‘Luftslottet (The Castle Ruins)’ (2006): credits here.


One Response to Swedish ‘Inspector Wallander’ Series On BBC Four

  1. dave says:

    Enjoying the BBC series very much. Quality production.

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