London Debate: Science And The Financial Crisis

From Kings Place:

The 1980s saw the rise of the ‘rocket scientists’ of finance – as engineers, mathematicians and physicists rejected careers in science and technology and instead opted to work for banks. What part did they play in the financial crisis? And what is the future of science in finance? Join leading experts from science and banking as they debate whether the crisis was the result of bankers and regulators failing to grasp complicated, expert knowledge; and whether scientific knowledge – in particular fields such as complex systems, ecological economics and human behaviour – could help to ensure that economies are better understood and better regulated.

Time/Place: 19:00 on Monday 21 September in Hall One at Kings Place. Price £9.50.

See also here and here.

Kings Place is a new classical music venue and contemporary art gallery in central London, located just a few minutes walk from Kings Cross and St Pancras stations. From classical and jazz concerts, contemporary arts and spoken word to food & drink and canal trips, brought together under one roof, Kings Place has a lot to offer our visitors and we aim to make your visit as comfortable and pleasurable as possible.


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