Some More Lessons Learnt – The Entrepreneur

List of 51 lessons learnt from the first year of business of an entrepreneur here, mix of professional and personal, reflecting real life!

Being Smarter is a year old today. A year ago to the day, I sat at my desk with a blank canvas, a very small amount of money and a clock ticking. It’s been a fascinating journey – The 8.45 Club was born, I’ve met some great new people and learnt so much.

I wanted to share the (at least) 51 things I’ve learnt so that I can potentially help you as well as acknowledging the folks who’ve helped me…

Here’s an extract from the list (nos. 32 – 40 actually):

  1. Go out of your way to THANK people. It seems to be unusual these days.
  2. Losing hours or days because you can’t solve a problem is OK. Bodging it is not OK. Giving up is not OK either.
  3. Seek advice actively from people you trust (here’s one). Create an advisory board of people around you. You DON’T have all the answers.
  4. Understand when to let go and when to get an expert involved.
  5. Write your eulogy in bulletpoints. Then live your business and personal life like you want to be remembered. This isn’t as wierd as it sounds.
  6. When you finally take a holiday don’t let your daughter get chickenpox or you’ll need another holiday straight afterwards.
  7. Don’t get so caught up in your endeavours you forget birthdays. Use
  8. The software you want is already built. You may have to tweak it but for goodness sake don’t reinvent the wheel.
  9. Learn new stuff. All the time. Or what’s the point?

Very useful thing to do yourself, publicly or otherwise, especially at year end!


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