Top Innovations Of 2009


Product Of 2009: The 3M/Littmann Electronic Stethoscope

Popular Science gives their list of the top 100 innovations for 2009:

The standards by which we judge the year’s greatest innovations are simple. The objects don’t necessarily need to be beautiful (although some, like the all-glass TKTS building in Times Square, certainly are). They don’t have to be eco-friendly (although the packaging made of biodegradable fungus certainly is). They don’t even have to be difficult to build (with all due respect to the telescope designed to find Earth-like planets).

They just have to push past what we thought was possible just twelve months ago. And the following 100 innovations have all blown us away, beginning with the headliner, our product of the year: something so simple yet so smart, with the ability to improve countless lives.

There are the following 11 categories (each has a Grand Award Winner) as well as an overall Product of the Year (photo above):

  • Auto Tech
  • Aviation & Space
  • Computing
  • Engineering
  • Gadgets
  • Green Tech
  • Health
  • Home Entertainment
  • Home Tech
  • Recreation
  • Security

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