Social Networking And Science Labs

Interesting grant-funded project to better link researchers in the biomedical field (where there can be big commercial implications to accelerating research and discovery):

“Scientists have problems finding each other,” said Michael Conlon, interim director of biomedical informatics for the University of Florida and the principal investigator on the project.

“Right now, the best we have are lists of publications … but that’s not the same as who does what and who is interested in what. This is a way for scientists to discover other scientific work going on among researchers on the network,” he said.

Presently, scientists use search engines to find others in their fields or people specializing in other areas needed for their research. But those searches are essentially guesses that glean information from a variety of sources, some of which can be unreliable, said Dean Krafft, who is leading the project at Cornell.

Participants hope to have the network connected across the country within two years. Eventually, it could connect scientists in all disciplines worldwide.

Apart from a helpful system, they’ve also got to want to find out about others too of course!


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