21 Different Ways To Innovate

Remarkably, the above picture is not a fake (see picture credit below):

This is a re-engined development of the Model 116, designed as well by Theodore P. Hall. A 25,5 hp Crosly engine is in the rear, powering the plastic-bodied 4-seat car and a 190 hp Lycoming O-435C built on the 34,5 ft wing for flying. Pilot Reuben Snodgrass flew it for the first time on November 1, 1947 but the prototype crashed within 3 weeks due to fuel starvation. Using the same wing and another car body it flew again on January 29, 1948 piloted by W.G. Griswold. Both machines used the same registration.

Here are some ways of coming up with similarly innovative ideas, although hopefully a bit more practical:

1.    Copy someone else’s idea.
2.    Ask customers
3.    Observe customers
4.    Use difficulties and complaints
5.    Combine
6.    Eliminate
7.    Ask your staff
8.    Plan
9.    Run brainstorms
10.    Examine patents
11.    Collaborate
12.    Minimize or maximize
13.    Run a contest
14.    Ask – what if?
15.    Watch the competition
16.    Outsource
17.    Use open innovation
18.    Adapt a product to a new use
19.    Try Triz
20.    Go back in time
21.    Use social networks

How many have you tried?

What works best for your organisation and culture?

Do you use the same method(s) over and over again?

More details here and picture credit here.


One Response to 21 Different Ways To Innovate

  1. […] While trying to find ways of coming up with ideas I found the steps and leaps blog. It gives a good list of 21 things you can do to try to come up with new ideas the link: 21 Different Ways To Innovate […]

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