Jackson Browne With David Lindley At Bristol

Recently I caught the first gig of the 2010 tour of Jackson Browne with David Lindley which was at the Colston Hall in Bristol.

The concert opened with Browne and Lindley doing a couple of songs together, then Jackson went off and we then had the treat of an hour of David Lindley virtuosity. This was a particular pleasure as, although he has an extensive concert schedule in his own right, this never seems to include the UK. I emailed him once about this quite a while ago and got the reply that there was no demand! Anyway, he was very warmly received and it was clear that that a fair chunk of the audience knew him and his work (probably through his strong partnership with Jackson in the 70’s).

Particularly outstanding was his cover of Springsteen’s Brothers Under The Bridge (slightly wobbly video from Ottawa Bluesfest 2009 here).

After the interval, Jackson and his band took the stage. They comprised Kevin McCormick (bass), Mark Goldenberg (guitars), Mauricio Lewak (drums) and Jeff Young (keyboards, backing vocals) together with two backing singers Chavonne Morris and Alethea Mills.

The set started with some of his new material although personally I didn’t find this very compelling and Jackson at one point seemed to forget the words of one song himself and needed the band to fill in – first night nerves? Slowly the atmosphere built up after going through some of his album highlights such as In The Shape Of A Heart.

Relative to other, similar concerts, the acoustics were really good – they apparently had a 3 hour setup and sound check in the afternoon which was obviously well worth it!

David Lindley joined them later on both guitar and violin and this gave added impetus as there was a certain lack of vitality up to then. Towards the end, the tempo was increased again and there were some rousing versions of Running On Empty, The Pretender and Take It Easy that eventually got most people on their feet and dancing. The concert ended with a version of Mercury Blues, a David Lindley oriented number.

In spite of some minor criticisms, a good concert overall, highlighting Browne’s impressive catalogue of work ranging over 35 years, excellent acoustics and the added bonus of a wonderful opportunity to see Mr Lindley perform in his own right. I’m sure the glitches will get sorted out!

Gigs at Sheffield (4th June), Gateshead (6th) and Hampton Court (8th) followed. They return to the UK for some further dates from 20th June onwards.

Recent reviews of tour: BristolSheffield, Hampton Court and Gateshead (preview).

Lyrics to Jackson Browne songs here.

Picture credit: here.


One Response to Jackson Browne With David Lindley At Bristol

  1. Casey says:

    I saw Jackson Browne like 5 years ago with Tom Petty. He was great!

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