Twitter And Real-Time Search

Although I have a Twitter account I don’t tend to use it much, mainly because I focus my time on the two blogs I run. However now and again I’ll post something if I think it’s a bit different from the usual ‘interesting links’ and the (more mundane) ‘what I’m doing right now’.

One example is that a few months ago I posted that I’m about to start investigating Huddle, which is an online project management system.

Investigating for cloud-based bid and project management, free for charities…

Very quickly back I got

RuthJayBlog @davidpottinger might want to look @wizehive for collaboration & proj management. free plan for 1workspace

I was quite surprised – fast, concise and relevant personalised information! It was also genuinely helpful as I then started to look at the link and related ones.

On this occasion, Huddle still seemed to be the best choice but the rapid feedback was really helpful and made me realise that tweeting what you’re doing can sometimes be useful for accelerating or broadening your decision making.

On this theme, there’s an interesting recent article in Macworld on search marketing and Twitter:

They aren’t simply searching Twitter for users that mention their company and then responding to them. “That’s easy to do and very effective,” but it misses out on some greater opportunities, said Danny Sullivan, editor of the blog Search Engine Land.

The smart way to use Twitter is to search for more generic words or phrases, he said. For instance, a company such as Domino’s could search for “anyone know pizza” and find queries from people asking their friends for pizza recommendations in their area. The company could reply to that customer with a nearby shop and include a coupon code, potentially winning a new customer.

Twitter search offers a unique opportunity for marketers, Sullivan said. “You know exactly who’s asking,” he said. That’s compared to search engines. “Imagine if everyone who clicked on a link, you got a picture of them and their name as well. That doesn’t happen on Google but it happens all the time on Twitter.”

As an aside, I’ll be writing about our experiences with Huddle in the future.

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One Response to Twitter And Real-Time Search

  1. Casey says:

    I love when I get great feedback from Twitter. Makes it all worth it. For online project management, I have also used Mavenlink and ManyMoons, which are both pretty cool.

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