I’m Thinking Of Getting An iPhone 4

Antennagate notwithstanding! Although I’m now considering a rival, the HTC Desire running Android – confusing having so many options! I work almost exclusively on a mac but at the same time I don’t want to get too (unthinkingly) locked in.

Interesting comparing these different and rapidly developing approaches, see eg here:

I’m not minimizing the Android challenge to Apple. Indeed, I think it is likely to become the most important business battle of the next half decade. But those who argue that the best lens for watching this fight is comparing just the iPhone to Android are just wrong. Their argument is that all Android devices are phones, that the iPod Touch and the iPad are not phones.

Helpful iPhone 4 reviews: Engadget and Trusted Reviews.

Update: Well, I got one as well as a free case (the Speck Pixelskin HD) and some insurance cover!

Picture credit: here.


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