Creativity As A Process

Nice short to-the-point video from Sir Ken Robinson on thinking about creativity as a process and two key features, originality and values.

Some extracted quotes:

  • Creativity is an operational idea
  • (There needs to be) a greater degree of dialogue and conversation between sectors not just in closed conversations within them
  • Imaginations have been left to wither but can be revived
  • Creativity is the process of having original ideas that have value
  • Creativity is a process that you can understand and teach although you can’t predict the outcome (similar to literacy and numeracy)
  • Understanding what values to apply, in what context and whether they’re relevant is a key part of being creative

This blog focuses on science and technology and in another video Sir Ken discusses the question of whether focusing on science and maths gives students the necessary skills and mindsets for innovation.

This is a pretty key question, particularly for Government educational and business policies for the next 5-10 years (see also here).

He gives the internet as an example of an idea that has transformed economies but which needed a multiplicity of talents to realise this, artists, musicians, writers and so on and not just scientists and mathematicians.

This reminds me that when starting my undergraduate degree in theoretical physics I asked my tutor if I could also take some university arts courses (that interested me). This was, perhaps to my naive disappointment, strongly discouraged and thought ‘highly irregular’.

It just seemed an enormous pity to me that there were two camps of bright, interesting and creative people at the same location that rarely talked to each other! This artificial division starts at school of course.


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