‘Just Do It’ Inspired Product Launch And Lessons Learned

Really interesting and motivating post on ‘just do it’ in the context of a recent and profitable ‘mini’ product launch. It starts with giving the impressive stats from the first 60 days:

Total time spent creating the minimally viable product: less than 3 hours

Total startup cost: $47.50 ($5 hosting, $7.50 domain, and $35 wordpress theme)

First paying customer within 10 minutes of launch

copies sold in the first 60 days: 1491

Page views on the original blog post: 40,894

Unique visitors to Keynotopia: 19,235

Link backs/mentions: 769

Total product returns: 2

Total variations/tests on the landing page: 29

Made it to Google’s first results page in less than 2 weeks for the following search terms: iPad prototyping, iPhone prototyping, Android prototyping, Keynote prototyping, Keynote wireframes, …

I’ve never sold any products in my life (except my old laptops on eBay and CraigsList).

Here are the lessons learned up to now (details in the original post):

  1. Sell your byproducts
  2. Kill the “Coming Soon” page, start a conversation instead and provide value before the product is ready
  3. Focus on benefits instead of features
  4. Give away a valuable freebie
  5. Create a list, and start talking with customers
  6. Create embeddable media
  7. Never stop testing
  8. Don’t be afraid to charge for your product, charging for your product is a good excuse for customers to talk to you

There’s a nice insight: “It shifted my perspective from a service-oriented mindset (getting paid for my time) to a value-oriented mindset (getting paid over and over for a value that I used my time to create).”

If this topic interests you, there are quite a few posts on this blog on different lessons learned/learnt in startups and innovation practices eg here.


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