Blogging Tips and Tricks

Interesting list of tips and hints on blogging by Tim Bray, who works for Google and has been blogging since 2003.

The list is (details on original post):

  1. Blogging is Healthy
  2. Freshness Matters
  3. Write For Yourself
  4. Spellcheck
  5. Self-Hosting
  6. Two Minds Are Better Than One
  7. Get Yer Ha-Ha’s Out
  8. Be Intense
  9. Cache
  10. You Don’t Speak for Yourself
  11. Predictable Controversy
  12. Competitive Controversy
  13. Math is Hard
  14. Tagging and So On
  15. Lighten Up
  16. Long or Short
  17. Very Short Form
  18. You Can’t Unpublish
  19. You Can’t be Anonymous
  20. When You Screw Up
  22. Trolls

It may be handy to compare with some other lists of insights eg here.


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