Business Blogging – A Case Study

Recently I was invited to give a talk to the Silver Academy, a local network of over-50’s who are starting up or growing businesses.

My theme was how you can use blogging to promote differentiation, engender credibility and encourage trust, all of which are critical for developing customer relationships.

The meeting was held last week in Guildford, UK and here’s a pdf version of the (slightly edited) slides for download: Silver Academy Talk 2011.

In the talk I explained how, after leaving my job in a leading R&D organisation to work freelance, I faced a key new challenge – to define and promote my personal ‘brand’ in the most cost-effective way possible!

I decided that part of this should be to develop a quality online presence, primarily through blogging. The talk surveyed the key issues I came across, the solutions I adopted and the lessons learned. Personally I’ve found blogging indispensible!

The talk went down well and there were quite a few questions and comments. One question that lingered in my mind concerned the issue of plagiarism and copyright on the web, covering text, pictures and videos.

Here are some useful references:

Plagiarism and duplicate content: Google’s approach is here. There’s also an article on 5 free sites to check for plagiarism here.

Copyright: in a previous post I’ve given download links to a variety of free ebooks on social media. One of these focuses on copyright, Content by Cory Doctorow.

As an interesting aside, the special plight of the over-50’s in the current financial climate has recently been highlighted in a BBC Panorama programme.

One Response to Business Blogging – A Case Study

  1. Richard Berry says:

    On behalf of those at Silver Academy that attended your talk, may I pass on thanks for an inspiring and insightful presentation.

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