The Fate Of Explorers

A friend of mine, David Gurteen, well-known through his Knowledge Cafes and knowledge network, is very keen on quotations.

One from a few days ago that caught my attention was (I thought):

‘Explorers have to be ready to be lost’ (or words to that effect).

At the time this resonated with me as I’m currently thinking through ideas for setting up a new business and, in spite of having written numerous business plans for projects and startups, I’d found myself a little ‘lost’. The imagined quote was then quite helpful as it made me realise that this is, after all, pretty normal and, unless the business is obvious, to be expected.

So I thought I’d wrote this short post on how handy the occasional quote can be in clarifying real world business situations as well as providing interesting insights into life.

However, whilst writing this, I re-checked David’s tweet to find that the actual quote was:

‘Explorers have to be ready to die lost.’ Russell Hoban

Hmm, not quite the same…

Well, I’m still keeping to my version!

Picture credit here.


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