The Difference Between Clients And Customers

From SalesMarks:

If you visit to look “customer” and “client” up, you’ll find these first definitions:


1. a person who purchases goods or services from another…


1. a person or group that uses the professional advice or services of a lawyer, accountant, advertising agency, architect, etc.

I’ve shortened them to make a point: You don’t want customers any more after reading those definitions. You want clients. You don’t want people who buy from you once because you simply have the “goods” they need right now. You want ongoing relationships with people who use your professional advice and expertise — who buy from you because of how you help them, not what you hand them.

You may think this is splitting hairs; that it’s semantics. But it’s really a mindset. Cultivate relationships so that you become indispensable for what you know (that you can transfer), how you help, and how you make people feel about the interaction. When you do that, you’re building a client base, not a customer list.

A good point to reflect on when starting or growing a business as the words often get muddled in practice even though the mindset behind them is quite different.


One Response to The Difference Between Clients And Customers

  1. Yes I agree with you.
    Customer is a person who buys the good from seller.
    Client is to be developed, with relation, i.e. personal relation, business relation, advise, helping them to decide the service or goods they need and best to suit their requirement or specification,
    also a client is made by giving many extra services then only selling a goods to them.
    Client is made by doing technical sales, providing technical support, before, during and after sales support to them.
    Client will become a good and faithful friend and he will talk about his personal life, personal problems etc. with you.
    With client you don’t need to make a sale but do a marketing and he will call you for his requirement. Client is of semi-permanent based but your personal relationship built is a permanent and will help you forever.

    While customer is only a buyer and you are seller, no need to have personal relationship, less need for services, he is decided to buy some product and will buy that, may be next time you never see him/her again.

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