Learning From Apple

I’m developing a new offering for my customers and was looking for some fresh and invigorating guidelines. There’s loads of advice out there of course and this can also be combined with my over 25 years of personal experience.

The best approach I came across, totally accidentally, was from Greg Joswiak of Apple, taken from a presentation at the recent ‘Silicon Valley Comes To Cambridge 2011’ event (see here and here).

Summarised, it’s:

  • Focus: It means saying no, not saying yes.
  • Simplicity: Make complex things simple.
  • Courage: Don’t hang on to ideas from the past even if they have been successful for you.
  • Best: If you can’t enter the market and try and be the best in it, don’t enter it.

This helped me alot – very clean and neat, just like Apple products…

I particularly liked the third point: not being constrained by what’s worked in the (recent) past. This also means a constant search for new ways of doing things even if the consequences are not always totally clear at the outset. Anyway, it’s summarised in that one word ‘courage’!

As an aside, here’s some interesting information on learning at Apple.

Picture credit: here.


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