The Power Of Yes And No Journals

An interesting idea from MacSparky:

The No Journal is not to be confused with a task list. (It isn’t a someday-maybe list either. In most cases, no means no, forever.) This isn’t a list I read to figure out what to do next. Instead, the No Journal is how I keep myself honest. It wouldn’t have been possible for me to write two books and keep a full time day job in the last few years without first getting better at saying no. My only regret is not getting serious about this earlier.

I’m doing some planning for next year and the conventional thing to is to develop some main directions. I don’t use too many formal goals as such as I’ve found they often become self-defeating (unless the work is very clearcut).

However looking back over the past year it’s interesting to see how much time I spent on things that didn’t really fit in anywhere but were done just to see where they lead or through procrastination. So, in this sense, it would have been very helpful to have decided what I best ‘not do’ and then at least I’d know if I was digressing!

So, for 2012, as well as having a one-pager on what I hope to explore and accomplish, I also have another page on what I won’t do – I actually found this harder to write, which is interesting! I’ll log my results as I go along (I record most daily activities in a digital notebook) and it’ll be illuminating to see if I end up more creative and productive this way!

On a related theme, see also this recent post by Seth Godin on ‘doing more or less’.

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