Getting The Culture Right In Startups

A number of my colleagues are starting up businesses and are facing all the usual problems. Because of the stress and the need for tangible progress, it’s understandable that some of the intangible aspects can easily get second place.

However I came across this interesting insight which emphasizes that thinking about the culture from the very beginning can be crucial as well as the ability to adapt it in the light of formative experience.

Brendan: Start-ups are like running a gauntlet. The advice I say is to step back and think a little about the culture at the outset because it’s at the beginning that it gets formed. Plan for success but also plan for what the culture can be as well. If play is important to you, and I hope it is if you’re planning on being an innovative company, it will start with the founders. You can look at Google certainly as an example.

Joe: I guess I’d say, don’t hold on to any one idea too tightly. Be ready to adapt. When we design a product for the first time, we don’t know how people will really use it, and I think the same can be said of businesses.

Just what is your startup culture?

How could it change as you grow or partner with others?


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