Incorporate Learning In Your CV Not Just Outcomes

Jobs are scarce these days, so it’s surprising that

Dyson is currently on the look out for 100 graduates and 100 experienced engineers. The roles have been advertised since February, but just a quarter have been filled despite receiving plenty of good applications.

In the article on applying for engineering jobs at Dyson, the importance of clearly communicating ‘what you learned and how this helped you progress’ comes out large and clear. The learning is much more than just repeating an anodyne lessons learned from the end of a (glowing) project but rather an honest appraisal of the twists and turns that happen in real life and from which real progress emerges.

I’m not looking for a final project that’s fully polished. I’m looking for something where they’ve learned something during the process. Maybe, where they are not answering the question they were starting to ask themselves at the beginning.

This approach applies to older, more experienced candidates as well as new starters.

Some of the best job applications he has seen come from candidates who can show a dedicated portfolio of work, detailing the “journey” of design concepts and sketches through to the finished product, documenting how things have changed along the way.

They give five tips for getting a job at Dyson – I’ve rewritten them slightly as I believe they apply to many jobs where creativity and imagination are important:

  • Send a brief portfolio of your work alongside your CV when applying for jobs
  • Demonstrate what you’ve learned during projects rather than the final outcome
  • Show, where possible, how you have tried to improve your idea or approach
  • Get involved in industry-relevant clubs to enhance skills and contacts
  • Be ready to talk about what projects, big or small, you get up to from your own home

From the above, you can see that a balanced combination of creativity, learning and determination is required as well as a big dollop of honesty!

Picture credit: here.


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