Start The Day With An Unfinished Sentence

I’ve been dabbling with the idea of writing a business book, in part based on the content of this blog. So, now and again, I read about how successful writers go about their craft.

The video above, featuring an interview with the author Steven Johnson, gives some nice tips and has a ‘real-life’ feel to it.

Some of the things that work for him are:

  • Write in the morning (helped by coffee), do research and catch-up stuff in the afternoon and maybe try some additional work in the evening (with a glass of wine)
  • Software, like DEVONthink, can be helpful in prompting long-forgotten or unusual connections
  • Have a real writing target, say 500 words a day, and keep to it

One interesting tip was to end your daily writing by starting a sentence (that you pretty much know how to end, including any research) but don’t actually finish. This means that the next day you can start fluidly rather than with a bout of procrastination!

There’s a video of Steven Johnson talking at the RSA on his book ‘Where Do Good Ideas Come From?’ here.


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