Five Minutes With…

Fascinating series of short but very effective interviews with people in the news on ‘Five minutes with…‘ (BBC News Channel).

I took a look at:

Paul McKenna: I was curious as to how he would come over. One provocative phrase took my notice – ‘…I look at the everyday hypnotists as sales people, cult leaders, politicians…we’re all hypnotists in a sense.’ Maybe we are?

Caitlin Moran: funny, perceptive and very fast talking!

Brian Cox: he really is an excellent communicator for a subject that many people find difficult and/or boring!

I was impressed that so much could be covered in such a short period, due both to the clever choice of questions and (paradoxically) to the time constraint itself (no waffling allowed).

There must be business applications of this! A replacement for the (often rather erratic) speed-networking sessions that abound these days?

It reminded me a bit of the idea behind Tiny Desk Concerts – simple, informal and just a little bit different!


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