Preparing For Mountain Lion

I have an all-Mac setup: (newish) 27″ iMac, 13″ (aging) MacBook and an iPhone 4. The Mac OS is currently 10.6 (Snow Leopard). As 10.7 (Lion) got mixed reviews (imo) I decided to pass on that upgrade. But recently I’ve been considering upgrading to 10.8 (Mountain Lion).

I usually wait for the third or higher subversion to come out with operating systems so that hopefully most of the annoyances/bugs have been resolved.

However there was another more personal reason for not upgrading – I really need to do a whole whack of file organisation beforehand (as well as sort out some email setup issues). I’m hoping Hazel will (automatically) help me in future. I also need to have a serious review of my applications and be ruthless and simply delete the ones I don’t use (it’s remarkable how quickly they build up).

Last week the tumble-dryer stopped working and I phoned a local shop to see if they could sort it out (namely order and install a new fan-belt). The repairer turned up with an iPad and iPhone! We consequently got on to talking about Apple and he explained that he was fully synced across iPhone, MacBook and iPad, was on the present upgrade for both operating systems and was happily using this setup with an address book with over 6,000 business and customer contacts. You can imagine the traffic, so, rather impressive!

This put my ultra-cautious reservations somewhat to bed. So, later this week I’ll upgrade to Mountain Lion (I’m already on iOS 6) and also attempt a full sync. Wish me luck!

After this, I’ll get a trackpad for the iMac so I can make full use of gestures. The only slight annoyance will be that the MacBook will need to stay on 10.6 (it’s relatively ancient) but I hope to replace that later this year with a Pro or Air.

Mountain Lion reviews can be found at Ars Technica and TechRadar.

Guides to installing Mountain Lion: MacTuts+ and MacWorld.

Picture credit: here.

PS Some interesting overview thoughts on where Apple seems to be going here.


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