I’m Still Addicted

December 23, 2012


Incredibox for Christmas (it started here).


Keeping Mistakes

December 22, 2012

There’s lots if talk of running your business (and maybe even your life) as a series of ‘experiments’ that you learn from rather trying to implement some grand plan (especially in times of rapid change and uncertainty).

In this general context of ‘trying things and seeing what happens’, I thought this quote was instructive:

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” – Scott Adams (cartoonist)

I like the idea of keeping some mistakes and throwing others away. Unfortunately, of course, the quality of the choice made (however it’s done) can only really be judged in hindsight, so luck will always play a role. Nevertheless you should be able to influence this as well – see here.

A Bit More On Music And Money

December 21, 2012

About six months ago I blogged on the difficulties that emerging musicians have in making money (as this was relevant to some music events I was co-organising).

Recently I came across this infographic (from 2010) which puts matters in a very striking, if depressing manner 😦

As you can imagine:

As ever, this was incredibly difficult to research. Industry figures are hard to get hold of. Some are even secret. Last.Fm’s royalty and payment system is beyond comprehension.

There are some very surprising numbers there…


Picture credit: here.


December 8, 2012


Incredibox – clever and addictive fun 🙂

Luck And Persistence

December 6, 2012

From a recent post by Seth Godin:

The only thing more sad than the self-limiting arrogance of the confusion between lucky and good is the pathos of the converse: confusing ungood with unlucky.

Most people with a big idea, great talent and/or something to say don’t get lucky at first. Or second. Or even third. It’s so easy to conclude that if you’re not lucky, you’re not good. So persistence becomes an essential element of good, because without persistence, you never get a chance to get lucky.

More on persistence and doggedness here.

Getting Great Ideas

December 3, 2012



Picture credit: originally spotted here, and from the book by Christopher Niemann (illustrator, graphics designer and author).