Do You Communicate Too Much Or Too Well?


Scott Edinger on communication:

In my nearly 20 years of work in organization development, I’ve never heard anyone say that a leader communicated too much or too well.

A nice opener! He emphasises three key ingredients for effective communication (which go back to Aristotle):

  • Ethos – credibility (demonstrating expertise, integrity and character)
  • Pathos – emotional connection (focused attention, active interest)
  • Logos – sense of reason (strategic thinking, problem solving etc)

On reflection, it’s interesting how different people tend to focus on just one or two of these factors (me included). The point is to take into account each of these aspects and aim to balance them:

These three elements of communication reinforce one another… And while all three are necessary to excellent communication, improving your ability to do any one of them will help you become a better communicator and so a better leader. Combining them is the path to achieving the greatest success.

It might be useful to try this out in your next presentation or meeting!


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