Do You Know What You’re Really Good At?


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I came across the Einstein quote above by chance and it got me thinking about how to figure out what you’re (naturally) good at.

In my experience it’s not always easy to assess what you’re really good at. As an example, friends and colleagues may have quite different views than yourself.

Sometimes this discrepancy is purely relative – you can do something easily and quickly that they can’t and that may not be particularly meaningful. However sometimes they can’t quite explain what you’re best at, it’s just a feeling.

I’m not talking about learned technical skills here, but something that you have a natural flair for. For example, some people are natural networkers – it’s simply part of their personality. However, they may end up in situations where this ability isn’t particularly important or even a disadvantage (e.g. by unintentionally treading on other people’s toes).

There’s also the thorny issue of what you’d like to be good at and what you are actually good at!

From personal experience, I know I’ve joined companies where there has been a good initial alignment between my natural strengths and what was needed but, after various reorganisations and strategy changes, I’ve ended up in situations where this was no longer true. There’s no grand scheme here, it’s purely accidental.

In fact it’s one of the oddities of many organisations that the knowledge and flair of individuals often gets sacrificed on the altar of ‘the general good of the company’.

Either way, no matter what situation you find yourself in, you certainly don’t want to end up as a fish trying to climb a tree!

PS For the fastidious amongst you, I checked – tree-climbing fish do in fact exist – see here!

Picture credit: here.


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