Why Are Conferences So Often Bad?

After describing the sort of speakers you often get (and regret) at business conferences, this post gives the following trenchant and amusing advice:

Those are the speakers to consider avoiding. Who are the ones to look for? Retired CEOs and retired politicians are often good value because they have deep insider knowledge but are usually no longer motivated to conceal the truth.

Academics can be good because they usually do genuine research to support their arguments. The downside is that they can be dull and pedantic.

Successful small entrepreneurs are often priceless. So are some kinds of nerds, for example the ‘growth hackers’ who tackle big data issues and possibly control the future of marketing.

Then there is you. If you are invited to speak at a conference for the first time and think you might not come up to the mark, quit worrying. Remember the words of my co-passenger in pinstripes: “Most conference presentations are completely [expletive] boring. How can yours possibly be any [expletive] worse?!”

It’s written with retail in mind but I’m sure it’s much more general…


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