Jargon-Free Communication

I was pleasantly surprised to read in The Independent that ubiquitous (and often misunderstood) business jargon is not going to be used in the leading UK Government website GOV.UK and hopefully more widely:

Jargon: What’s out

  • Slimming down (processes don’t diet)
  • Foster (unless it is children)
  • Agenda (unless it is for a meeting)
  • Commit/pledge (we’re either doing something or we’re not)
  • Deliver (pizzas, post and services are delivered – not abstract concepts like ‘improvements’ or ‘priorities’)
  • Deploy (unless it is military or software)
  • Dialogue (we speak to people)
  • Key (unless it unlocks something. A subject/thing isn’t ‘key’ – it’s probably ‘important’)
  • Progress (as a verb – what are you actually doing?)
  • Promote (unless you are talking about an ad campaign or some other marketing promotion)
  • Strengthening (unless it’s strengthening bridges or other structures)
  • Tackling (unless it is rugby, football or some other sport)
  • Transforming (what are you actually doing to change it?)
  • Going forward (unlikely we are giving travel directions)

The alpha release of the style guide can be found here – I’m sure they’d appreciate any feedback and comments.

It’s great to hear of such a refreshing and open approach.


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