Writing Books

I’m currently attempting to write a non-fiction book but taking creative ideas used in the writing of fiction to spice things up a bit. I’ve written lots of technical articles for over 30 years and have also written for this blog for five but I’ve never written a self-contained book before. It’s really interesting learning about a whole new area!

With this in mind, yesterday I spent a pleasant hour browsing in a local book store as low-key market research. I ended up skimming through a few books in the ‘advice to aspiring authors’ section and came across loads of great ideas – it was really quite inspiring!

Bringing me back to reality, I also found this amusing remark

If all else fails remind yourself that lots of people want to write a novel but few do, and even fewer are published. As Peter Cook used to say when people told him they were writing a novel: ‘Really? Neither am I.’

Of the books on view, two that caught my attention were:

The Writer’s Little Helper by James Smith (not as basic as it sounds)

365 Ways To Get You Writing by Jane Cooper

Both are 5 stars on Amazon UK, albeit with a small number of reviews.


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