MIT Course On COVID And The Pandemic

I’ve been interested to take a (free) online course for a while now and was waiting for a subject that really engaged me. This one from MIT on a key topic of the day, COVID and the Pandemic, looks really good. The first lecture is up on the site with more to follow (the second one is advertised above). You can watch live if time zones allow (see below).

I’m interested partly due to the content but also to see how complex science material is presented these days (communication and engagement).

From the MIT course site:

“Course description: Lectures by leading experts on the fundamentals of coronavirus and host cell biology, immunology, epidemiology, clinical disease, and vaccine and therapeutic development. This is an exploratory subject, open to undergraduate and graduate students…

The class is open to all MIT students, as well as any eligible cross-registered students. The live stream will be available to the public, but only registered students may ask questions during the Q&A.To view the live stream, click on this link and type in the password: mit-covid. Miss a class? You’ll be able to view a video of the lecture on this page. Please note: It will take a few days to caption and post each lecture video after the livestream has ended.”

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