Why Is It So Hard To Listen?

When I became involved with ‘knowledge management’ in a large science and technology organisation (over 10,000 staff), the subtle role of conversations became apparent. Sometimes even little asides or passing comments could lead to unexpected and interesting connections and occasionally even opportunities. Persuing this topic further, it’s helpful to distinguish between discussions and dialogue (seeContinue reading “Why Is It So Hard To Listen?”

Handling Doubt And Uncertainty

Interesting graphic from psychologist and author Adam Grant on common thinking styles. COVID-19 has certainly highlighted the differences. In particular, slowly the approaches that directly encompass uncertainty seem to be accepted and hopefully this might become more common in other areas too. “The scientist has a lot of experience with ignorance and doubt and uncertainty,Continue reading “Handling Doubt And Uncertainty”

Benefitting From Quality Relationships

Therapist Esther Perel on the importance of relationships: “Life will present you with unexpected opportunities, and you won’t always know in advance which are the important moments. Above all, it’s the quality of your relationships that will determine the quality of your life. Invest in your connections, even those that seem inconsequential.” Source: Tribe ofContinue reading “Benefitting From Quality Relationships”

The Amazing Growth of London

Fascinating dynamic visualisation by Ollie Bye of the growth of London from Roman times until the present day. The legend is dynamic, as the years increase, new periods appear: Roman, Medieval, Tudor/Stuart, Georgian, Victorian and 20th Century. I lived in London for 6 years as a student, although that was years ago now, spending timeContinue reading “The Amazing Growth of London”

Goals And Getting A Taxi In The Rain

I came across an interesting story in Oliver Burkeman’s book, The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking. In one of the chapters he gives examples of where adhering to goals can sometimes be dangerous or less than optimally productive. The particular story that attracted me is rather prosaic, concerning the frustrations ofContinue reading “Goals And Getting A Taxi In The Rain”

Making Tough Decisions

Impressive and insightful quote from Barack Obama: “My emphasis on process was born of necessity. What I was quickly discovering about the presidency was that no problem that landed on my desk, foreign or domestic, had a clean, 100 percent solution. If it had, someone else down the chain of command would have solved itContinue reading “Making Tough Decisions”

Quantitative Versus Qualitative Research

I was once asked to find out how lessons learned in bids and projects were captured and shared in a large company. There were two approaches, a standard IT one that identified company-wide portals and databases, number of users/reports/views, ease of use etc. The other was to interview a selected group of people, partly toContinue reading “Quantitative Versus Qualitative Research”