A New Kind Of University

I’ve written previously about interdisciplinary mindsets so was interested to read about a new breed of university in The Times (paywall unfortunately). I’m a product of the UK educational system; A levels at grammar school, university degree via maths/physics modules and then a doctorate in high energy physics. This lead on to further academic researchContinue reading “A New Kind Of University”

Two Feynman Courses on Physics

Feynman at the research meeting in Wangerooge in 1988 (see here) I started out my career as a theoretical physicist and I’ve written a number of blog posts relating to this topic and period. The most popular have been those that featured Richard Feynman (I have an incidental connection to him as I co-organised theContinue reading “Two Feynman Courses on Physics”

Researching Time and Life

I’ve written recently on the conundrum of time (as viewed across many disciplines, covering both the arts and sciences) so was fascinated to read that a nearby university has been successful in winning a large grant to research this topic. From their website: “The University of Surrey has received its largest ever philanthropic grant, fundedContinue reading “Researching Time and Life”

Handling Procrastination

I’ve been reasonably busy the last 6 months and I’ve been telling myself this is the reason I’ve not posted much over this period. However rethinking this the other day I came to the conclusion my lack of productivity was mainly procrastination. At the same time (serendipity) I came across a very succinct and helpfulContinue reading “Handling Procrastination”

Figuring Out Whether You’re Happy

Here’s a fascinating TED Talk by Daniel Kahneman, the famous psychologist who got the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2002 for his pioneering work on the role of behaviour (such as irrationality) in economics. The talk deals with the duality and conflicts between experiencing things and remembering things. He points out that we have twoContinue reading “Figuring Out Whether You’re Happy”