Critical Thinking and Rough Estimates

I’ve always been a fan of qualitative (back of the envelope) calculations. This started when I was an undergraduate doing my physics degree. After my career in academia ended and I moved to government and commercial work, I was interested to find that similar methods can also be used there (adapted accordingly of course). TheContinue reading “Critical Thinking and Rough Estimates”

Recent Chinese Achievements

I wasn’t aware of the tremendous scope of recent Chinese technical achievements and it was handy that someone had trawled the web to put this presentation together. Full article is here. I can’t find an original reference for this presentation (it came through social media). Google searches didn’t produce anything immediately but the content isContinue reading “Recent Chinese Achievements”

The Biases We Often Have, Mostly Unknowingly

Good infographic of some of the more well-known cognitive biases. A full list (over 150 of them) is available here: “Although the reality of most of these biases is confirmed by reproducible research, there are often controversies about how to classify these biases or how to explain them… There are also controversies over some ofContinue reading “The Biases We Often Have, Mostly Unknowingly”

The Importance of Taking Breaks

I read this remarkable story on GTD Focus: At some point though, we need to shut it all down, kick back in our metaphorical Barcalounger, and let our minds float off on their own for a while. Franklin Roosevelt understood this. Throughout his adult life, as Governor of New York to President of the UnitedContinue reading “The Importance of Taking Breaks”

Delivering Results

Interesting tweet from the productivity writer James Clear: “Results = (Hard Work*Time)^Strategy Working hard is important, but working on the right thing is more important. A great strategy can deliver exponential results. Of course, the best strategy is worth nothing if you never get to work. Zero to the millionth power is still zero.” NoteContinue reading “Delivering Results”