Grand Challenges and Anticipating the Future

I met up with a colleague recently who works in the transport area and she recommended I take a look at a couple of articles including (for general context) the UK Innovation Strategy. The document detailing this (published in Nov 2017) can be found here, including: “As well as setting a path to improved productivity,Continue reading “Grand Challenges and Anticipating the Future”

Courage And Confidence

I had a meeting with a friend yesterday where we discussed the key ingredients for successfully developing new ideas/startups etc. In particular, the differing roles that emotions and logical thinking play in making decisions that stick. This brought to mind a recent post by Ed Batista on the difference between confidence and courage: We mayContinue reading “Courage And Confidence”

Thought Experiments And Thinking Differently

The following thought experiment is attributed to the German Gestalt psychologist Karl Dunker: One morning, exactly at sunrise, a Buddhist monk began to climb a tall mountain. The narrow path, no more than a foot or two wide, spiraled around the mountain to a glittering temple at the summit. The monk ascended the path atContinue reading “Thought Experiments And Thinking Differently”