A New Kind Of University

I’ve written previously about interdisciplinary mindsets so was interested to read about a new breed of university in The Times (paywall unfortunately). I’m a product of the UK educational system; A levels at grammar school, university degree via maths/physics modules and then a doctorate in high energy physics. This lead on to further academic researchContinue reading “A New Kind Of University”

Figuring Out Whether You’re Happy

Here’s a fascinating TED Talk by Daniel Kahneman, the famous psychologist who got the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2002 for his pioneering work on the role of behaviour (such as irrationality) in economics. The talk deals with the duality and conflicts between experiencing things and remembering things. He points out that we have twoContinue reading “Figuring Out Whether You’re Happy”

The Interconnectedness of Things

Recently, as I had time to kill and was a bit bored, I took a look at an action film from the 70s featuring Zeppelins in WWI (see above). The plot was a bit far-fetched and revolved around an especially advanced Zeppelin flying to a castle in Scotland to steal or destroy key historical documentsContinue reading “The Interconnectedness of Things”

Why Is It So Hard To Listen?

When I became involved with ‘knowledge management’ in a large science and technology organisation (over 10,000 staff), the subtle role of conversations became apparent. Sometimes even little asides or passing comments could lead to unexpected and interesting connections and occasionally even opportunities. Persuing this topic further, it’s helpful to distinguish between discussions and dialogue (seeContinue reading “Why Is It So Hard To Listen?”

Grand Challenges and Anticipating the Future

I met up with a colleague recently who works in the transport area and she recommended I take a look at a couple of articles including (for general context) the UK Innovation Strategy. The document detailing this (published in Nov 2017) can be found here, including: “As well as setting a path to improved productivity,Continue reading “Grand Challenges and Anticipating the Future”