Thought Experiments And Thinking Differently

The following thought experiment is attributed to the German Gestalt psychologist Karl Dunker: One morning, exactly at sunrise, a Buddhist monk began to climb a tall mountain. The narrow path, no more than a foot or two wide, spiraled around the mountain to a glittering temple at the summit. The monk ascended the path atContinue reading “Thought Experiments And Thinking Differently”

The Trials Of Leadership

Because of excellent reviews, last year I started reading a couple of books on D-Day and the Battle for Normandy eg here. However, even after just a few chapters, the complexity and uncertainty in nearly everything was both daunting and revealing (the famous ‘fog of war’). Directing and managing this must have been a nightmareContinue reading “The Trials Of Leadership”

Goals And Balanced Conversations

I’ve been thinking once again about personal goals and opportunities. In this context I stumbled across this interesting analogy on the blog of Steve Pavlina: I find goal setting extremely valuable, but even after doing it for about 15 years now, I’m still making new distinctions. When I set the right goal, it works wonders.Continue reading “Goals And Balanced Conversations”

Rising Above The OK Plateau

From Brain Pickings: Amateurs are content at some point to let their efforts become bottom-up operations. After about fifty hours of training — whether in skiing or driving — people get to that “good-enough” performance level, where they can go through the motions more or less effortlessly. They no longer feel the need for concentratedContinue reading “Rising Above The OK Plateau”

Is Learning From Mistakes Overrated?

I’m currently rereading Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson (of 37 Signals) which challenges some of the conventional thinking about setting up and running a small business. It contains the following interesting snippet: Another common misconception: you need to learn from your mistakes. What do you really learn from mistakes? You might learnContinue reading “Is Learning From Mistakes Overrated?”