The Collapse Of Civilisation?

A provocative if somewhat depressing picture of the future of civilisation by Dave Pollard. A number of readers have asked me for an “elevator speech” that describes how I think our civilization will collapse by the end of this century. Being more of a “picture” person I decided to try to answer that question graphically.Continue reading “The Collapse Of Civilisation?”

More On Stories In Science

In a previous post I commented on the role of stories in science. Storytelling is increasingly important in business (see eg here) so it’s interesting to elaborate on it’s use in technical areas, even including quite complicated ones. This should help in addressing the problem of the curse of knowledge that has important business implications.Continue reading “More On Stories In Science”

Corinne West At The American Museum In Britain

I visited friends in Somerset a couple of weeks ago and we all ended up going to The American Museum In Britain to see Corinne West, the acclaimed American singer/songwriter. I’d never been to or even heard of the museum before and was pretty impressed, both by it’s location and also by its general setup.Continue reading “Corinne West At The American Museum In Britain”

Swedish ‘Inspector Wallander’ Series On BBC Four

I came across the detective novels of Henning Mankell via Amazon’s ‘Recommended For You’ (a handy serendipity feature). I bought ‘The Fifth Woman’ on it’s readers reviews and was generally pleased even if the ending was a little over the top for my taste. It naturally had a nice Swedish feel to it and InspectorContinue reading “Swedish ‘Inspector Wallander’ Series On BBC Four”

The Scientific Method In Conversations And Reading

From Seth Godin: If you enter a conversation looking for something to test, measure and ultimately change, it’s likely you’ll find it. That change makes you more competitive, and you continue to cycle past your competitors. On the other hand, if you enter a conversation concerned about maintaining the status quo, it’s likely that thisContinue reading “The Scientific Method In Conversations And Reading”

The Bothersome Man

Interesting and quirky Norwegian film on BBC2 late this Saturday night – I’ve seen it before but it warrants another look (if you like that sort of thing!). Norwegian director Jens Lien’s debut, The Bothersome Man, is a surreal, idiosyncratic black comedy. Forty-year-old Andreas (Trond Fausa Aurvag) steps off a bus into a strange city,Continue reading “The Bothersome Man”