Upgrading To Windows 7…


From Walt Mossberg (and see picture above):

All of the others, denoted by blue boxes, will require what Microsoft calls a “Custom Install,” also known as a “clean install” — a procedure Microsoft doesn’t even refer to as an “upgrade.” For most average, non-techie consumers whose PCs have a single hard disk, that will require a tedious, painful process with the following steps: temporarily relocating your personal files to an external drive or other computer, wiping your hard drive clean, then installing Windows 7, then moving your personal files back, then re-installing all of your programs from their original disks or download files, then reinstalling all of their updates and patches that may have been issued since the original installation files were released.

That’s what I like to see, nice and easy…

Fortunately I’m Mac-based these days but with occasional forays back into the world of Windows. However all the reports I’ve read on (beta) Windows 7 are very encouraging so I’ll probably get a copy and install it on my MacBook. However in light of the above I don’t think I’ll try upgrading my XP machine for a while yet…

Update: Ed Bott has just issued a simplified chart in the light of the criticisms of the overly complicated Microsoft one above. Charts need thought, just like graphs!


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